Terms used in official statistics

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Woody and bushy land


Land covered with forest vegetation whose surface area is under 0.1 ha as well as:

a) areas of peat bogs partially covered with clumps of shrubs and dwarf trees,

b) land covered with natural wicker and shrubby forms of willows in river valleys and depressions of the area,

c) lands adjacent to surface waters, covered with trees or shrubs, constituting a biological protection zone for watercourses and water reservoirs,

d) ravines and gully naturally or artificially covered with trees and shrubs in order to protect them against erosion, not classified as forests,

e) stone and rubble dumps covered with trees and shrubs,

g) groups of trees and shrubs having the character of a park, but not equipped with devices and structures for recreation and relaxation,

h) wooded and shrub areas of inactive cemeteries.

  • Regulation of the Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Technology of 27 July 2021 on land and building records
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2024 r. poz. 219)

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