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A health care facility


A separate organisational unit, part of other organisational unit, or an organisational unit subordinated to other organisational unit, or to a group of facilities. Pursuant to the Act, health care facilities are divided into public and non-public.

A health care facility which is part of a group of facilities becomes an organisational unit of the whole group. The name of a given health care facility should reflect the scope of medical services provided. In accordance with Article 2 paragraph 2a of the Act , from the organizational structure of healthcare facility there may be separated organizational unit in order to provide health care benefits to residents of welfare homes or care wards and educational facilities located within the organizational unit of the social assistance.

The following institutions are treated as health care facilities:
• hospitals, chronic medical care homes, nursing homes, sanatoria, preventoria, stationary hospices and other facilities aimed at patients, whose physical conditions require round-the-clock health services provided in properly adjusted rooms,
• outpatient departments, health centres, outpatient clinic,
• emergency ambulance service,
• medical diagnostic laboratories,
• dental prosthetic and orthodontic outpatient clinic,
• nursery,
• rehabilitation treatment facility,
• organization units of public service of blood,
• other facilities fulfilling the conditions set out in the above mentioned Act.

  • Act of 15 April 2011 on Medical Activity
    Place of publication: (Dz.U. 2022 poz. 633, z późn. zm.)

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