Terms used in official statistics

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The areas of activity in the field of biotechnology


The areas are the following:

• Human health (with and without rDNA technology)

• Human health (with rDNA technology) – large molecule therapeutics and monoclonal antibodies produced using rDNA technology,

• Human health (without rDNA technology) – other therapeutics, artificial substrates, diagnostics and drug delivery technologies, etc.,

• Veterinary health – diagnostics, vaccination and medical treatment of animals,

• GM agriculture – new varieties of genetically modified (GM) plants, animals and micro-organisms,

• Non-GM agriculture – new varieties of non-GM plants, animals and micro-organisms developed using biotechnology techniques, bio-pest controls, etc.,

• Natural resources – mining, petroleum/energy extraction , etc.,

• Environment – diagnostics, bioremediation, waste disposal, clean production, etc.,

• Industrial processing – food, cosmetics, fuels, chemicals (e.g. enzymes), plastics, etc.,

• Bioinformatics- creating genomic/protein databases, modeling biotechnological complex processes, systems biology,

• Non-specific applications – research tools,

• Other.

High-level terms

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