Terms used in official statistics

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Gross agricultural output


The sum of raw (not processed) products of crop and animal origin.

Gross agricultural output includes:

— crop output, i.e. raw (not processed) products of plant origin (harvests for a given year),

— animal output, i.e. production of animals for slaughter, raw (not processed) products of animal origin as well as the increase in farm animal stocks (livestock — the basic and working herd) which include:

cattle, pigs, sheep, horses and poultry.

Gross agricultural output is the sum of the following values : market output (sales at procurement centres and on marketplaces), own consumption of agricultural products from own production, increase in inventory products of plant and animal origin and the increase in farm animal stocks (livestock-the basic and working herd) and products from own output that were utilised for production purposes, e.g. feed, sown material, manure.

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