Terms used in official statistics

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A non-profit organizational unit, whose purpose is permanent protection of cultural goods, informing of values and of the content of the collected goods, popularisation of fundamental values of Polish and international history, science and culture, developing the cognitive and aesthetic sensitivity as well as making possible the contact with the collections.

Museum pursues its objectives, in particular by: 1) collecting the cultural goods in the statutory scope, 2) cataloguing and scientific compiling of the collected artefacts, 3) storing the collected cultural goods in the conditions ensuring their proper preservation and safety and warehousing them in the way available for scientific purposes. 4) protecting and maintaining the collected artefacts and, if possible, protecting archaeological sites and other immovable objects of material culture and natural environment, 5) organizing exhibitions, 6) organizing and conducting research, scientific expeditions and archaeological surveys, 7) conducting educational activity, 8) making available the collections for scientific and educational purposes, 9) ensuring proper conditions for visiting and using the collections, 10) conducting publishing activity.

Contact person on methodology:
GUS – Departament Badań Społecznych i Rynku Pracy