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Dwellings owned by companies


Dwellings in whole owned by a company.

Dwellings which are the property of:

- public enterprises, including State Forests and state organisational entities (with or without legal personality), e.g. public scientific and research institutes, public higher education institutions,

- utility enterprises, i.e. municipal transport, water supply and sewage management, waste management enterprises, excluding housing management enterprises,

- and also dwellings in buildings transferred into permanent administration of mentioned above units by the State Treasury or a municipality,

- private enterprises and other private organisational entities acting as companies or cooperatives, excluding housing cooperatives, irrespective of whether the dwellings are located in buildings which are entirely the property of a company or in buildings constituting a shared ownership (with housing condominiums), in which, besides dwellings which are the property of a company, there are dwellings which are the property of natural persons or other legal persons.

Dwellings owned by a company serve mostly the satisfaction of housing needs of employees of such a company.

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