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Private farm

Description of the concept that applied to: 31.12.2012

A private farm means an agricultural holding with area at least 0.1 ha of agricultural land, owned or used by a natural person or a group of persons, and an agricultural holding of a person who does not possess agricultural land or possess agricultural land smaller than 0.10 ha and keeps at least: 1 head of cattle or (and) 5 heads of pigs or 1 sow or (and) 3 heads of sheep or goats or (and) 1 horse or (and) 30 heads of poultry or (and) 1 ostrich or (and) 5 heads of rabbit females or (and) 5 heads of females of other furry animals or (and) 3 heads of other animals kept for slaughter or (and) 1 bee-hive.