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Family allotment garden


The apportioned area of areas of land, used for the purposes of family allotments, consisting of allotments and general areas; used for common purposes of allotment gardeners and equipped with infrastructure for gardening.

The basic aims of the family allotment garden:
1) meeting the leisure and recreational needs of society by facilitating horticulture;
2) improvement of social conditions for members of local communities;
3) help families and individuals in difficult situations, ensuring equal opportunities;
4) integration of the multigenerational family, child education in healthy conditions and the maintenance of the pensioners' activity and health;
5) social integration of pensioners and disabled people;
6) restoring degraded areas to the society and natural environment;
7) environmental protection and nature conservation;
8) improvement of ecological conditions in the municipalities;
9) formation of the healthy environment for people;
10) creation of conditions to provide green areas for local communities.

Family allotment garden is a public utility designed to meet leisure, recreational and other social needs of the members of local communities through ensuring common access to the areas of family allotment garden and plot facilitating horticultural cultivation for one's own use as well as enhance ecological standards of the surroundings.

As green area, it is subject to protection provided in regulations on protection of rural and forest areas and provisions of law pertaining to nature protection and environment protection.

  • Act of 13 December 2013 on Family Allotment Gardens
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2021 r. poz. 1073)

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