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Board members of the voivodship


The members of the board of province include the marshal of the province as its chairman, a deputy (or two deputies) and other members.

The voivodeship board is the executive body of the voivodeship. The board consists of five members, with the voivodeship marshal serving as the chairperson, one or two deputy marshals, and the remaining members.
The voivodeship board is elected by the voivodeship sejmik (assembly) within three months of the announcement of the election results by the competent electoral body - from among the members of the voivodeship sejmik or from outside it. The voivodeship board performs tasks belonging to the voivodeship local government, not reserved for the voivodeship sejmik and voivodeship local government units. The voivodeship board performs the tasks of the voivodeship with the assistance of the marshal's office and voivodeship local government units or voivodeship legal persons. The voivodeship marshal organises the work of the voivodeship board and the marshal's office, manages current affairs of the voivodeship, and represents the voivodeship externally. The voivodeship marshal is the head of the marshal's office, the superior official of the employees of that office, and the head of the voivodeship local government units. Data presented since 1999.

  • Act of 5 June 1998 on Voivodship Local Government
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2020 r.poz. 1668)

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