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Powiat council


Powiat council are the decision-making and controlling body.

Their tenure lasts 5 (prior to 2018 the tenure lasted 4 years) years and starts on the day of the election. The councillors are elected through direct elections. Their exclusive duties span: establishing local laws, electing and calling off the board, voting on taxes and fees payable within the legally established bounds, voting on protocols regarding powiat wealth, establishing protocols regarding assuming tasks of government administration and conducting public duties. Among powiat councillors is elected their leader and their immediate deputies (maximum two in number). The leader oversees the works of powiat council and chairs their meetings.

  • Act of 5 June 1998 on Powiat Local Government
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2020 r. poz. 920)

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Teresa Kałuża-Jurczyńska