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Non-domestic new orders in industry


An indicator serves to assess the future production and shows development of demand for industrial products (goods and services) in the selected divisions of the ''Manufacturing'' section – divisions no. 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, 24-30 as defined by NACE Rev. 2
Non-domestic new orders are defined as the value of contracts (without value added tax – VAT) binding on a producer and a third party (recipients having their seat abroad or foreign subsidiaries of exporters which export/dispatch ordered products without subsequent modification or processing) in respect of supply of products (goods and services).

Orders for the reference month include sales from warehouses (ex works) if the receipt of the order and delivery occur at the same time.

Orders from previous periods that have been cancelled during the reference month are not subtracted from new orders.
All other charges such as transport, packaging etc., are included in non-domestic new orders, even if these charges are listed separately on the invoice.
Non-domestic new orders do not include orders for:
- construction services,
- deliveries of electricity, distributed heat, gas, steam and water,
- deliveries of post-production remains that are "fit for sale",
- deliveries of goods for further resale,
- benefits not associated with industrial activities,
- internal company services and deliveries.

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