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Building owned by the State Treasury


A building which in whole (i.e. no dwelling in them constitutes separate ownership of other entity) remains under management of entities administering property of State Treasury.

This category contains buildings:
- in the resources of: National Center for Agricultural Support,
- in the resources of Military Housing Agency,
- in the resources of Internal Security Agency and Foreign Intelligence Agency,
- under the management of units subordinated to the ministries,
- under the management of state authority organs (e.g. Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Chancellery of the Sejm, Chancellery of the Senate, the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Court), central government bodies (e.g. Chancellery of the Prime Minister, ministries, central offices, voivodeship offices) and state control organs (e.g. the Supreme Chamber of Control, the National Labour Inspectorate). The survey covers also buildings handed over by entities representing the State Treasury, for use, lease or rental to diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign countries.

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Katarzyna Andrusiuk