Terms used in official statistics

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Population Balance

Description of the concept that applied to: 31.12.2017


A method for estimating the number and the structure of population according to gender and age for a gmina (the basic administrative territorial unit of the country) in intercensal periods.

The results of the last general census for the gmina are the basis for estimation (currently - results of NSP 2002), and in next quarters and years the data are calculated using balance method in a following scheme: the number of population at the beginning of the period plus live births minus deaths plus registration for permanent residence (from other gminas and from abroad) minus de-registrations from permanent residence (to other gminas and abroad) plus/minus population movements caused by administrative changes (if any). The population estimates are carried out according to the above balance method for two categories of residence: a) registered for permanent residence, b) actually residing. The difference between these two categories of population residence is a balance (plus or minus) of population registered for temporary residence of more than 3 months (until 2005 - above 2 months), resulting from surveys conducted every year by CSO in all gminas of the country, as of 31st December. The population which is temporary absent because of travel abroad is included in population of the administrative unit of permanent residence registration.