The Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski President.PL


The Congress of Polish Statistics, celebrating 100th anniversary of the Polish Statistical Association, took place between 18th and 20th of April. The Congress was organized by the Polish Statistical Association, the Main Statistical Office, the Statistical Office in Poznań and the University of Economics.

PTSThe Polish Statistical Association (PSA) is an organisation created to integrate representatives of public statistical services, the academic community, local government, and other government agencies, who are interested in theoretical and applied statistics. The Association can boast 100 years of history and a rich tradition.

ISIPolish Statistical Association is an affiliated member of International Statistical Institute.



Poznań stands for statistics
Poznań stands for statistics

Juliusz LeoThe Polish Statistical Association was established in Cracow in 1912. Its main objective in the pre-war period was to prepare a statistical description of the traditionally Polish territories from the earliest times to the creation of PSA. Juliusz Leo, its first President, was a professor of Jagiellonian University and the then President of the city of Cracow.

Town Hall of PoznanThe history of Poznan spans over a 1000 years, dating back to the origins of the Polish state. The tradition of statistical research in the province of Wielkopolska began at the start of 20th century, with the establishment of the first statistical institutions.



The educational project entitled „Occasional publications and exhibitions connected with 100th anniversary of the Polish Statistical Association prepared for the Congress of Polish Statistics” was financed by the National Bank of Poland (NBP).
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