Functional areas. Territorial accessibility

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The section containing research related to the monitoring of functional areas, undertaken revitalisation activities as well as territorial accessibility to selected public utilities.

No. Type Document title Date Archive
1 Publication A summary of the methodological study „Students commuting to schools in Poland”
2 Table Estimation of distance and travel time between selected communes in Poland in 2016
3 Publication Statistical data on revitalization at the level of gminas
4 Publication Students commuting to schools located in provincial cities
5 Publication Indicators of territorial accessibility of Poland’s residents to selected public utilities
6 Publication Development of indicators on municipal waste management in gminas and Municipal Waste Management Regions
7 Publication Development and implementation of methodology of in-depth research on construction activity in gminas and functional areas covered by ITI
8 Publication Development of methodology of obtaining data and project indicators implemented in the scope of municipal infrastructure from the common list of key indicators 2014-2020 of the Cohesion Fund at the municipality (gmina) level (NTS 5) and within the agglomeration (defined in accordance with Polish Water Law) (POPT 2007-2013)
9 Publication Identification of special areas within provincial cities and their functional areas based on spatial analyses using Geographic Information System (GIS) and taking into account the demographic and economic situation of their inhabitants (POPT 2007-2013)
10 Publication Development of monitoring indicators of functional urban areas in voivodship centres in the scope of housing development at the municipality (gmina) level (NTS 5) (POPT 2007-2013)
11 Publication Statistical survey in the scope of identification of municipal (gmina) areas with urban, urban-rural, rural-urban and rural features in individual voivodships (NTS 2) as well as a synthetic indicator differentiating municipalities (gminas) based on a functional criterion (POPT 2007-2013)