Report on methodological work. Culture Satellite Account

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Date of publication: 06.05.2020

This report on methodological work Culture satellite account presents the basic assumptions related to the development of the methodology, as well as the application of the methodology in the form of an estimate of the culture satellite account for the years 2010-2012.

The essence of Culture satellite account is to determine the real role of the area of ​​culture in the national economy by presenting the contribution of culture to the creation of GDP, with particular emphasis on the contribution to the creation of gross value added.

The methodology developed and presented in the report is based on the recommendations of the working group on culture statistics of the European Statistical System ESSnet-Culture, and the result will be the annual estimates of Culture satellite account, published in the t-4 period (t - reference year). The ESA 2010 methodological and accounting standard, which is binding in all European Union member states in the field of national and satellite accounts, has been maintained.