Weekly deaths

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We kindly inform you that from July this year data on weekly deaths in Poland are available on the Eurostat website: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/population-demography-migration-projections/data/database?node_code=demomwk

The data were prepared according to the Eurostat recommendations, taking into account the most detailed levels of aggregation, i.e. gender, 5-year age groups, subregions (NUTS-3, according to NUTS2016) and weeks of occurrance. The data contains information about Polish residents only.

The time series, which is currently available includes information from 2000 to May 2020. The data will be updated on a monthly basis around the 15th of each month. Data for the years 2000-2019 are final data and will not change, while the current data - for 2020 - have the status of preliminary data (p - provisional). Current data will be updated every month and subsequent weeks will be added.

Warning! Data by subregions have been compiled according to the place of residence of the deceased. Data by weeks were compiled in accordance with ISO8601. This means, that the first week of the year can contain days from the previous year, and the last week can contain days from the next year. Therefore the individual weeks of the year do not add up to individual months or to the total number of deaths in respective year.

Detailed metadata is available at:


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