Joint issue (part I) - SAE Poznan 2014

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Small Area Estimation conference 2016
August 17-19, 2016 in Maastricht, The Netherlands

This conference is organised by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and Statistics Netherlands. It will give researchers and practitioners from all over the world an opportunity to exchange information or learn about state-of-the-art small area estimation techniques. The aim of this conference is to give more attention to applications and implementation in government agencies.

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Joint issue (SiTns and SM) - SAE Poznań 2014

Small Area Estimation 2014
Vol. 16, No. 4, 2015

From the Guest Editors (Part 1)

Inferential issues in model-based small area estimation: some new developments

Rao J. N. K.
Submitted: 24 March 2015 < br />

Triple-goal estimation of unemployment rates for U.S. states using the U.S. Current Population Survey data

Bonnéry D., Cheng Y., Neung Soo Ha, Lahiri P.
Submitted: 1 February 2015 < br />

Covariate selection for small area estimation in repeated sample surveys

van den Brakel J. A., Bart Buelens
Submitted: 8 June 2015 < br />

Small area estimation for skewed data in the presence of zeroes

Karlberg F.
Submitted: 18 November 2014 < br />

Borrowing information over time in binomial/logit normal models for small area estimation

Franco C., Bell W. R.
Submitted: 1 April 2015 < br />

Small area estimates of the population distribution by ethnic group in England: a proposal using structure preserving estimators

Luna A., Zhang L., Whitworth A., Piller K.
Submitted: 24 June 2015 < br />

Jan Pablo Burgard, Ralf Münnich - SAE teaching using simulations

Burgard J. P., Münnich R.
Submitted: 31 March 2015 < br />

SAE education challenges to academics and NSI

Gołata E.
Submitted: 21 April 2015 < br />

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