Housing conditions in Poland according to the resultsof the National Population and Housing Census 2021

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Date of publication: 31.01.2024

The publication contains information on the number of buildings by their type, as well as data on the age and size of residential buildings, taking into account the housing stock located in these buildings. It also contains information on the number of dwellings by various cross-sections, including in particular inhabited dwellings or by entities owning dwellings. The subject of analysis is also information on the equipment of buildings with technical and sanitary installations.

Data on qualitative aspects of the existing housing stock, i.e. the size and age of dwellings, their equipment with technical and sanitary installations, housing conditions of the population, are also presented. The data provided in the tabular part enable detailed characteristics of residential buildings by ownership form or period of building construction. The results are presented for Poland in general and by voivodeship, urban and rural areas.

The study consists of four parts: general and methodological notes describing sources of information, basic definitions, analytical part with descriptive-graphical presentation of results in the area of buildings and housing stock and tabular part.