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Accident at work


A sudden event, caused by external reason which leads to injury or death, which happened in connection with work:

1) during or in connection with performance of ordinary activities for the employers, even without instructions;

2) when the employee remains at the disposal of the employer on the way between the seat of the employer and the place of performing the duty, which is a result of work relations.

Every accident is trated equally to an accident at work, as regards entitlement to benefits defined in the law on social insurance by virtue of accidents at work and occupational diseases if the employee had such accident:

1) during a business trip;

2) during a training within the scope of common self-defence;

3) at performing tasks ordered by trade union organizations functioning at the employer.

Accident at work is also understood as a sudden incident, causing injury or death, which happened within the term of accident insurance during:

1) practising sports during competitions and trainings by a person receiving sport scholarship;

2) performance of paid work in the time of serving imprisonment sentences or temporary detentions;

3) carrying out a mandate by members of parliament or senate, who receive salaries;

4) serving the mandate of the European Parliament member elected in the Republic of Poland;

5) stay - on the basis of appointment issues by powiat labour office or other supervising entity - at a training or internship connected with a scholarship received by school-leavers;

6) performance of work by members of agricultural producers` cooperatives, agricultural farmers` cooperatives and by other persons treated equally to members of cooperatives, for the benefit of these cooperatives;

7) performance or cooperation at performance of work on the basis of agency agreements, order or services agreements;

8) performance of ordinary activities connected with conducting non-agricultural economic activities or cooperation at conducting them;

9) performance of religious activities connected with entrusted pastoral or monastic functions by clergymen;

10) serving supplementary forms of military service;

11) education at the National School of Public Administration by students, who receive scholarships.

  • Act of 30 October 2002 on Social Insurance in respect of Accidents at Work and Occupational Disease
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2022 r. poz. 2189)

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