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Spatial data infrastructure


Political, organizational, economical, technical means, which:

a) Ensure common access to geoinformatics data and services on specified region,

b) Contribute to effective usage of geoinfomration for sustainable development of specified region,

c) Enable rational management of geoinformation data resources.

Depend on region spatial data infrastructure can be:

a) Local, e.g. city or district,

b) Regional, e.g. voivodship,

c) National,

d) International, e.g. European, global.

Spatial data infrastructure contain:

a) Connected, ready to cooperate systems and spatial databases containing data and metadata with proper content and accuracy,

b) Teleinformatic and geoinformatic technologies using widely accepted standards,

c) Regulations, organizational structures, economical solutions and human resources,

d) Users creating geoinformatic society.

High-level terms

Low-level terms:

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Adrian Nowakowski