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Funds for Protection of Agricultural Land


Special purpose fund for the protection, reclamation and improvement of the quality of agricultural land, consisting of local and central funds. Following the Act of 27 August 2009 on the rules introducing the act on public finance (O. J. No. 157 item 1241) from 31 December 2010 the Agricultural Land Protection Fund has been cancelled.

Agricultural Land Protection Fund was established on the basis of the Act on Protection of agricultural and forest land of 26 March 1982 (O. J. No. 11 item 79) and maintained pursuant to a new Act of 3 February 1995 (consolidated text O. J. 2004 No. 121, item 1266, as amended). From 31 December 2010 the due payments and liabilities have been overtaken by local self-governments realizing specific assignments through assigned funds. The means of the Agricultural Land Protection Fund have become revenues of the appropriate local self-governments.

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