Terms used in official statistics

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Internal waters


Waters between the land and the internal boundary of the territorial sea.

Internal waters include:

  • a part of Nowowarpieński Lake and a part of the Szczecin bay including the Świna and Dziwna Rivers as well as the Kamieński bay located to the east of the national border between the Republic of Poland and Germany as well as the Odra River between the Szczecin bay and Port of Szczecin waters;
  • a part of the Gdańsk bay closed off by a line between predefined geographical points located on the Hel sandbar and the Wisła sandbar;
  • a part of the Wisła bay located to the south-west of the state border between the Republic of Poland and Russia on this bay;
  • port waters defined from the sea by a line drawn between the furthest protruding port equipment constituting an integral part of the port.

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