Analytical Platform - SWAiD

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Analytical Platform  - SWAiD - Knowledge Databases - statistical data from the most important areas of socio-economic life.

A Knowledge Databases (DBW) - developed by the SISP-2 project - is a continuation of the tasks carried out within the SISP project (in the scope of the Analyses and Decisions Support System - SWAiD). Analytical Platform  - SWAiD - Knowledge Databases set up an innovative platform allowing access to systematically updated information provided by the official statistics.

Knowledge Databases were made available by classifying the information into four groups: Multidimensional Statistics (which include National Accounts; Science, Technology and Information Society; Local Data Bank Territorial Cross-Sections with Regional Atlas) as well as  Economic Statistics; Social Statistics and Environment. In total 23 Knowledge Databases were publicized.

Solutions adopted in Knowledge Databases enable the use of data in different forms of visualization (tables, charts and maps); it is also possible to download the created settings and use them within its own studies and analyses. Each data set is supplemented with appropriate metadata that explain relevant concepts.

Features of the Analytical Platform allow for adaptation of the arrangement of data to the user's needs, and thus easy transition: from the data level to information and then to knowledge and decision.

We kindly invite you  to use Knowledge Databases and participation in their development.