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Statistical Bulletin No 7/2017
Topics / Other studies / Informations on socio-economic situation
24.08.2017 - It contains basic indices of the socio-economic situation of the country, presented in the monthly, quarterly and annual series, including, among others, the national accounts, information on demography, the labour market, wages and salaries, social benefits, prices, money supply, public finances...
Agriculture in 2015
Topics / Agriculture. Forestry / Agriculture
01.07.2016 - An evaluation of situation in agriculture with respect to change in produciton-and-economic conditions and prodaction results (harvest level, trends in livestock growth and level of output and market supply of animal production) against a background of use of production factors....
Agriculture in 2003
Topics / Agriculture. Forestry / Agriculture
10.01.2004 - Agriculture in 2003...